our philosophy

healthy relationship with money + positive experience with financial planning

A healthy relationship with money means having a good understanding of and adequate control over what your financial picture looks like, both now and in the future. The change from a negative to a positive view of money—much like the shift in my view of running—can come as we begin setting goals and making a plan to achieve them.

Financial planning should be more than a general process to ensure that assets will last through retirement, but rather a means of empowering clients to achieve their goals in life. For some, those goals include travel, building memories, leaving a legacy, or giving back. For all, we offer a positive experience with financial planning. As we take into account the many facets of a healthy relationship with money, we offer more than just investment advice to our clients. Every client, regardless of assets, receives guidance in their overall financial picture as we strive to help them achieve their goals.

Our goal-based planning process is based on three key components:

  1. MEANINGFUL DISCUSSIONS—We want to understand our clients’ inspirations and aspirations. This fuels our discussions and drives us as we plan. We strive to present clear, concise strategies that deepen the understanding of each client’s financial situation, which improves their ability to make sound financial decisions.
  2. THOROUGH ANALYSIS—We use a cutting-edge risk alignment platform to assess each client’s risk tolerance and how it relates to their goals, as well as progressive comprehensive planning software to both define goals and project outcomes. These technological advantages guide us as we align the client portfolio accordingly.
  3. ONGOING COLLABORATION—When necessary, we collaborate with other trusted professionals, such as accountants and estate planning attorneys, to ensure that each client’s planning process is comprehensive.